Monday, April 13, 2009

The "Horror" of it all!

It's mid-April 2009 and I have many updates for my Plotdigger friends. First and foremost..."Hanger" missed the Philly Cinefest. Why? A variety of technical issues is the simple answer. But most importantly, I didn't want to bring something less than great to the Fest. I'm sure the Fest was a success and hopefully they've moved past their initial anger and disappointment at the cancellation. TLA is a great group of people and hopefully we'll work together again. Speaking of "Hanger", the movie is going to kickass! The soundtrack is insane. "NoMeansNo", "Bison", "SpreadEagle", "Invasives", "Grass City" and "The Golers" are on the soundtrack...the songs they've allowed us to use are totally perfect for "Hanger" and I've kept with the theme of not only using 100% Canadian music...but 100% local Vancouver based bands. NomeansNo
I grew up slamdancing to NoMeansNo and it's an honour to say the least that John and Rob Wright's legendary punkrock genious has been added to the soundtrack. Now, people are asking "when will "Hanger" be ready?" The answer isn't simple...for one-thing, it will come out in Germany, dubbed in English June. This is for certain, the German distributor will put it out both Uncut and cut. They did a great job with the Special Uncut Edition of "Gutterballs", so I have no doubt that it will kick ass there. I won't know when it will be available in North America for a couple of months at least. The "Live Feed: Cat III Ltd. Ed" and "Torched: The Director's Cut" will be out before "Hanger"...I know alot of people have been waiting for these special edition dvd's and I promise, I won't disappoint. Moving some may have noticed, the Plotdigger website has been down and up like a yo-yo. I'm trying to create a great site and changes are made from time to time...this is why it's been up and down. Hopefully it will stay up and the changes and/or additions won't effect it's online status. The store will be open soon!! I'm in the final stages of adding some new products and then it will be up. I will be taking pre-orders for "Live Feed: Cat III" and "Torched: The Director's Cut" as soon as the store opens. These are limited to 1000 copies, signed and numbered. So they will go pretty fast. I have a t-shirt and hoody line and some OOP goodies that will be up as well. For my NYC peeps, I'll be at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in June 05-07 with some exclusive "Hanger" clips to show. So that's about it for now...I'll try and post a new blog often and keep checking back because the Plotdigger store will be open soon! Bye for now! RY.