Thursday, December 17, 2009

My "CateGory III" Blog moves here from Gorezone!

For anyone who followed my "CateGory III" blog at, please note that this is the new home of "CAT III". I don't know when that Gorezone site will be back up and running but in anycase, you can find me here from now on and I will be updating on a regular basis. Enjoy! I find myself watching anything and everything these days that will make me react. Be it good or bad, I find that a reaction is all I need to feel satisfied. A non-reaction is a cause for alarm. Let me reflect on a movie I recently watched, "The Hills Run Red"...first and foremost, I was looking forward to this one. I don't know if it was the marketing blitz and advance reviews that seemed to be positive or the simple fact that a "slasher in the woods" is simply something that in general is a reason for celebration. My first thoughts while watching "THRR" was, wow, 2:35 ratio, slick production and WB/Dark Castle as Producers; will I see anything really brutal and/or titallating? The short answer, YES. The fact that the both of the leading ladies don't shy away from getting naked which is awesome. We're usually treated to the one "slut" character obligatory tittie shot...but not in "THRR". So already, this had my attention. The gore and make-up effects were also plentiful. I was worried by the "R-Rated" edition that was released being light on the red stuff, this is not the case as we are treated to an onslaught of carnage. My thoughts while the credits rolled, brutal horror is alive and well. As I move past recent viewings, I want to give a
big thumbs up to Japanese Doom Metalers "Church of Misery". Their new album "House of the Unholy", out now on Metal Blade Records, is truly a barrage of heavy as all Hell, sludgy as all fuck riffs and vocals that will make your balls curl upside your asshole. "Church of Misery" first caught my attention way back with their serial killer themed doom metal and sick cover art such as "John Wayne Gacy's" mugshot and the most recent cover featuring Cannibal Killer "Albert Fish" being led into the courthouse.
If you're a fan of older "Clutch"'ll more than likely dig "Church of Misery" and their brain-numbing heaviness. Jumping across genres into what has been described as "Emo-rap", veteran underground rapper "Cage" has a new record entitled "Depart From Me" that kicks serious ass. Is it "Emo" inspired? I guess, but underground rap has always been anti-establishment and cutting-edge musically and lyrically. "Cage" has evolved. Fans of underground rap will remember "Cage's" debut album "Movies For The Blind" and it's "John Carpenter" inspired "They Live" cover art. And if you thought that art was sick, wait until you see the art for his new oneThis is a good thing. One of the most talented song-writers of our generation, he is getting the wider notice he desereves and the content is still very dark. Vocally, he's in top form. His hooks are inspired and El-P delivers the Def-Jux production which is underground hip-hops Midas Touch. How big is "Cage" getting? None other than "Transformers" own "Shia Labeouf directed "Cage's" new video "I Never New You", which has an unsetlling stalker theme throughout. Moving past music into literature...the new true crime soft cover book "Entering Hades" is something totally out of a Hollywood Movie. Considering the gory and very sordid tale takes place in the "City of Angels", one wonders how much longer it will be before someone in La La Land takes notice and makes a movie based on the madness contained within the pages of "Entering Hades". I don't want to go into too much detail, but an aspiring Hollywood screen-writer has a very bad habit. He murders prostitutes, strangling them with their own bras. The book is a page turner and author John Leake has captured the early 90's with all it's excess and facades. To summerize this blog let me just say that the state of horror is in good shape regardless of remakes and re-imagined works. There's alot to watch, even more to listen to and more than enough to read. So get at it!